Carpet Cleaner, Repairer & Installer

We also provide installation for carpet, laminate, vinyl, linoleum and tile. We are always very happy to provide you with a labor only carpet fitting service. We understand that you may have bought a new carpet from an Internet supplier or a carpet retailer who does not offer a carpet fitting service and we are more then happy to help you get your carpet installed, fit and looking perfect!


Q. Do you sell or supply carpets?
A. No we don’t sell or supply carpets but we are more then happy to help you install and fit a carpet that you have bought from another source.
Q. How long will it take you to fit my carpet?
A. All carpet fitting jobs are different; it really depends on the size of the room we are working with. You can call us anytime or simply fill out our quick and easy online form and we can get back to you with a quote asap!
Q. What kind of preparation should I do before you fit my carpet?
A. When laying any type of carpet or flooring the first thing to do is make sure the surface is smooth and clean. Sweep the floor thoroughly and remove any nails or stones etc. that may be protruding. Use a vacuum cleaner if needed and just make sure the area is clean and debris free.
Q. Is it possible for you to fit a used carpet?
A. We can absolutely fit your used carpet. Many carpet fitters will only fit new carpets but we don’t mind fitting used carpets at all.
Q. Does it matter what size my carpet is that I need you to fit?
A. No the size of the carpet does not matter at all. We are more then happy to do small, medium, and big sized domestic jobs. We can also do commercial jobs including hotels & offices.
Q. Can you help move my furniture to take an old carpet out before you fit the new one?
A. Yes we can help you move your furniture but we ask that you try to clear as much as possible before we arrive.
Q. Can I walk on the carpet right away after it is fitted?
A. Yes you can move all the furniture back and walk on it right after the procedure.
Q. Is there any carpets that you cannot work with?
A. We can work with ANY type of carpet!
Q. Can you fit carpets for big commercial areas?
A. Yes we can do ANY job no matter big or small. We have worked with many large commercial spaces and have years of experience refitting carpets in large areas.
Q. Do I have to be home the day you come to fit my carpet?
A. No you do not have to be home. As long as you communicate with us before hand and we know exactly what area we are working on.